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Like the name,
our work leaves an imprint in your mind.

Real branding leaves a mark that’s permanent.

Our difference?

Combining the rigour of political campaigns with inspiring creative. We change opinion.

We win.

And we’re the only ones doing it.

We are Indent, and we leave a mark.


Good advertising wins elections.

Advertising bypasses media filters, communicates directly with the public, and leaves a lasting imprint.

Our ads get real results, and have a proven record of success with both national and provincial campaigns.


In the marketplace of ideas, there is only one certainty: change.

We know how to define and frame an issue to your advantage.

We change so-called settled opinions, and prevent today’s opinions from becoming tomorrow’s truth.

Traditional agencies sell soap and beer. We sell ideas and change minds.


Some of the most recognizable brands in Canada have put their trust in our ability to leave a valued imprint on their customers – persuading them to open both their wallets and their hearts.

Others, like start-ups or young corporations have called upon us to build their brand from scratch and ensure they are always one step ahead of the competition.


Advertising that leaves a mark is the result of a great strategy.

Indent’s approach is simple: there’s no such thing as being “too” prepared.

We plan every last detail of your communication or advertising strategy, leaving nothing out.


They say that the right side of the brain is Creative, and the left is Rational.

Our creative work appeals to both.

Our campaigns are armed with reason and emotion, imprinting their message on both heart and mind.


Most, if not every corporation, social service and government agency will have a French component to their branding needs.

But when it comes to a bilingual approach, it’s not enough to simply “translate”.

Indent is one of the only national agencies capable of understanding and offering strategy and creative – in both official languages.

We craft campaigns that leave an impact on both audiences, and use cultural and language differences as tools to shape public opinion.

Dan Robertson

Partner | Strategy

Dan was the Director of Advertising for the Conservative Party of Canada’s historic victory in the 2011 general election. In that role, he was the architect of radio, television, social media and online advertising for the 2011 majority winning Conservative campaign. During this time, he produced an ad that a national columnist referred to as “the most powerful campaign spot since Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America.”

In 2009, he served as the Prime Minister’s Director of Strategic Communications, overseeing government-wide communications. He was promoted to Executive Director of the Conservative Resource Group, providing marketing support to the federal Conservative caucus.

Robertson provides strategic counsel to “C-level” corporate, professional services, not-for-profit and government leaders. His work has been recognized by the Canadian Public Relations Society (Toronto) and International Association of Business Communicators (Toronto).

A long-time Conservative activist, Dan is a 25-year veteran of political campaigns at every level. His involvement includes the most recent federal election, provincial and national leadership campaigns, and two US Republican presidential primary elections.

In December 2010, the Hill Times named Robertson one of the most influential people in Ottawa. He is a frequent media commentator on public affairs, appearing on Sun News Network, CTV Newschannel, CBC Newsworld and CP24.

Dan is a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal recipient.

Daniel Charron

Partner | Creative

Hailing from Montreal, Daniel became a partner in one of the country’s most respected branding firms early on in his career before launching his own agency, Republik. Adding to his achievements, he also founded the prominent magazine Maneouvres.

He creates strong brands and majorly recognized campaigns. His attention to detail, as well as his love of great design and typography has brought him numerous awards worldwide (over 150) both in advertising and design.

In 2007, he moved to Toronto to become Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, a global agency where he oversaw major accounts such as Toyota, Procter and Gamble, Novartis and Appleton Rum.

Before joining Saatchi, he was founder and Creative Director of Republik in Montreal. His responsibilities were threefold: to build an agency with superior talent in each service that complemented each other; to offer outstanding advertising and design capabilities; and to ensure that they were within strategic parameters. He worked on a wide range of clients, from alcoholic beverages to luxury cars.

It was also at Republik that he worked with both the Conservative Party of Canada (2006 and 2011) and the Action Démocratique du Québec (2007).

Fully bilingual and bi-cultural, his insights are multi-layered – which gives him and edge in Canadian advertising, business, and politics.

Daniel is sought after as a speaker at industry conferences and has authored numerous articles on branding, advertising and the Québec consumer and voter. He loves challenging the status quo and is an ardent defender of free speech.


Past and present clients include

  • Coalition of Ontario Doctors
  • Maxime Bernier Leadership Campaign
  • McKesson Canada
  • Lafarge North America
  • Conservative Party of Canada
  • CN Rail
  • Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
  • Ontario Medical Association
  • Ontario Association of Radiologists
  • Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investment
  • Echelon Insurance
  • Patrick Brown Leadership Campaign
  • Merit Canada
  • Co-op Taxi
  • Radiologist Associates of Regina
  • Canada Company
  • Government of Canada
  • ENsight Canada
  • Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Association
  • Canadian Gaming Association
  • Working Canadians Federation for Equity
  • Various Members of Parliament
  • Dance Generation Inc.
  • Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores
  • Workplace Democracy Institute
  • Canadian Taxpayers Federation
  • For Canada
  • Conduit Law
  • Cue Digital

Our office

Our office


438 Parliament Street, Suite 200, Toronto ON M5A 3A1

Dan Robertson 647-462-7287
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Daniel Charron 647-282-4460
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